3rd Marathon, 2nd State

For those of you that know me personally, you may have heard me talk about my personal goal: I want to run 50 marathons, one in every state, by the time I turn 40. In these 50 races, New York City and Boston need to be two of them. 

This past weekend I traveled down to Miami for my third marathon and it was awesome. Despite my lack of training, I still managed a 4:32:54 and was in very little pain for running 26.2 miles. I felt really great physically but mentally, I was struggling. 

Through the miles I needed to find a pick-me-up, some motivation, and I felt that just talking myself through the race was my only option. However, it worked. I also had my support system at mile 25 with a bottle of Gatorade and then they ran the last mile with me! That is friendship right there! 

My next race is Nashville on April 28th. Anyone going to that one? I am so excited and love country so it should be a good time. Hopefully by April I don’t have to worry about black toenails anymore! Oh well, as many signs on the course said… Toenails are for Sissies. 


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The Runner’s Bond

As I have been training for the Cincinnati marathon, I have come to realize something I have always known and felt: The indescribable bond of runners. I can always tell who the real runners are on the street because no matter what, no matter how hard or fast or slow they are training, no matter if its two miles or twelve, we always recognize one another and ALWAYS give encouragement on the streets with just a simple motion: The Head Nod. Call it what you will but when I am struggling on the roads, one nod from a passing runner is all I need. It tells you to “keep going” or “don’t stop” or even “stay strong, you’re doing great!”

Another fascinating point from training is The Look. The Look is what I like to call the glances, the laughter, the hoots and hollers from non-runners. People who don’t understand running. It’s empowering to be running in negative degree weather and see people staring at me like I am crazy. It gives me a little push to keep going, knowing I have a gift that keeps me running and that I can do what so many wish they could or would never dream of doing.

Running has so many strong points to it that no one outside of the sport ever understands. From an outsiders view, we’re all crazy. I think my boyfriend said it best at my latest half-marathon, “Everyone here is in dry-fit gear… why? What is wrong with just shorts?” Nothing, but to some people, they’ll just never understand.

What things about running make you laugh and appreciate the sport for what it is?


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Marathon #2…

Well, I hit “submit” and I am running the Cincinnati marathon this May! Woo-hoo! I guess it is time to start training 🙂 I will now officially be using this blog as a resource to post about my training and running in general. Stay tuned…

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I moved!

Last night I logged onto my blog only to realize I haven’t written very much about anything in the past few months. I feel like it is time for an update.

First and foremost, I am not going to be running the Vegas Marathon this year. I’m pretty bummed about it, but life takes control and I simply have not had the time to get those long training runs in.


I have moved to Columbus to pursue my career in Public Relations, and I am still looking for that first full-time job. I am working three different jobs right now (hence why I have not had the time to train for a race) as an Intern at a small PR agency called GREENCREST, a hostess at Ted’s Montana Grill and doing liquor promotions with a company based out of Florida for Jameson on the weekends. Needless to say, I am a busy girl!

When I moved here, I was unsure of what was going to happen- or if I was going to stay, (as we all should know, my heart is in New York City and I cannot wait to end up there someday). Anyways, I moved here at the beginning of September and lived on my friend’s couch for a month and a half. Thank you for that Jessica. After deciding I may be able to start a career here after all, I signed a lease with a friend from school and we have been living at our new place for about three weeks. I love it.

With a few interviews and a million job applications out there, something has to turn soon and I can finally start running and enjoying this city the way it is meant to be enjoyed. Columbus has a lot to discover and I keep reading about the fun activities there are to do at night and on the weekends. I want to go try all of these things: the neat local restaurants, unique movie theaters, cafes, traveling shows and exhibits, etc. If you have any recommendations for me, please send them my way at courtneywalker27@gmail.com! I would love to hear from you and to find out new ways to explore the city that I can now call home…

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“Vegas 2010… Vegas 2010”

I just keep repeating that as I try to go on these runs… I have not started my training for the race yet, however, I have started training for training. (Yes, that happens.) I joined a local gym for a month in hopes that in a month I will be heading elsewhere soon and can join a gym in a new city. However, for now… I am going to daily aerobic classes such as yoga and Zumba (which I HIGHLY recommend) and lifting along with building up milage again on my feet.

As I set out for my run today I was determined to not walk. However, this heat is unbearable! I guess in order for me to really see what my fitness level is at I should start getting up earlier and running or going out later. This mid-day heat probably isn’t doing much for me…

Well, at lease today’s workout is done with and tomorrow its back to the gym for some Zumba and another run!

And in the mean time… “Vegas 2010 Vegas 2010 Vegas 2010”

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Does space camp lead to it?

Random thought of the day: How does one become an astronaut?

Sure, I know there are classes and certain majors to start in to get you there… but the process… how does it actually take place?

Enlighten me, please.


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Las Vegas Marathon in 2010??

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Things to say

Things to say:

1. LeBron: Bye.. I hope we win without you.

2. I want to run another marathon… which one should I run?

3. I am hungry.

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Is this beep a 2 for $20 at BBW or is it an interview?

As I have been getting up the past few mornings and making my way through the rain down Court Street, I was thinking… “Will my blackberry actually deliver me GOOD news today instead of the junk e-mail and coupons I recieve daily from places like Best Buy, Bath and Body and Express?” Not that I don’t enjoy those coupons or anything, they are great, but I have come to think of myself with my phone to be similiar to Pavlov’s Dog. Every time my phone beeps for an e-mail, I jump, get excited and frantically reach for my phone (if it’s not already in my hand). All I keep hoping for is an e-mail saying I have FINALLY landed an interview, someone wants to speak with me, anything at all besides a 2 for $20 3-wick candle at Bath and Body.

This morning as I was sitting in my psychology class, I saw my phone light up with a 614 number on it. At first, of course, I thought this is exciting maybe someone is calling me for an interview. Then it hit me, I called on about five different apartments last night and it was the realtors returning my call. Bummer. About five minutes later it lit up again, “Could it be? Eh… I’ll wait till class is over and find out.” Well much to my surprise, it was an employer who did want to speak with me, but for a part-time position, in a field that I love- obviously running. I guess this could mark another lap on the race to find a job. It is something and someone was actually interested in pursuing me AFTER reading this blog. =)

I believe that as the next few weeks pass and I go on the few interviews and info interviews I have set up, things will eventually make a turn-around and many positive opportunities will start falling into place (hey, I am being optimistic, its the only way to be).

Alright, the “living room” in Alden has been invaded by far too many people and it is time to make my way downstairs to print of 30 copies of my resume and new pieces for my portfolio. Adios.

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Hey Mom and Dad, will I still have my 12:30 curfew?

It’s bittersweet. The ending of college and the start to the rest of my life… (or so I hope). I feel like just yesterday it was pouring down rain and my parents were dropping me off at Washington Hall on East Green Drive. After quickly building two loft beds, laying down a carpet, building a futon and putting the extra-long twin sheets and two memory foam pads on that dorm room bed, I was pushing the parents out the door and ready to go meet my floor mates. No sooner were Mom and Dad at the Ohio University Inn and I was meeting up with my best friend and a guy I went to high school with, along with his roommate and we were on our way uptown for the first “Athens” experience. I had freedom, no one was telling me what to do, where to go or what time to be promptly  home. It was weird. Really weird. I was that girl in high school who always had the curfew, never rebelled, and rarely missed a day of school and suddenly I was on my own, able to stay out till 3 a.m. and come and go as I pleased. How does someone handle this type of freedom overnight? After about a week I started to get used to the fact that I was my own boss. After a quarter, I had it down pact. Now here I am, four years later and instead of setting up a loft and a futon, I am going to be undressing the double bed and moving out the couches, reverting back to the time where I had to be home by 12:30 sharp and always say where I am going and when I will be home.

In four weeks college is over and its back to the good ol’ homestead, unless this job market turns around. I have spoke with many of my fellow classmates and no one seems to have any idea what they are doing. Sure, there are a few girls and guys who have gotten lucky and landed their dream job. There are others that are up and moving to the big city they have always wanted to live in because they have the funds to do it. There are some who are almost there, so close and waiting on the offer letter and then of course, there are the others who are waiting for the perfect fit and moving home in the mean time.

As tough as it has been to find a job, I can’t complain that I don’t have ANY leads, because I do. I have been very lucky with the people I have gotten to speak with. Unfortunately, they can’t hire me right now nor do they know anyone else who is hiring. But I know it is great that I am meeting these people because who knows, two or three years from now, Alyssa from the Indiana Pacers may have something for me. Melissa from Octagon may have an opening or one of the many others may know someone, who knows someone, who knows of an opening at Nike and can get me my dream job. I believe everything is going to make full circle, eventually. Although I do not have my dream job (or any job) yet, I think it is important to keep looking and to enjoy the last four weeks here at OU. As someone once told me, “Trace Adkins was right, you are going to miss this.”

So all of you recent college grads who are worried about moving back home for a little bit or worried about not being employed yet, don’t worry, everything will be okay one day. But for now, take it all in and remember what it was like to be a freshman. Remember the past four years and think about how they have helped shape you. This is what is really important, remember these moments and good luck with everything in your future.

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