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Running her words


This is a runner, Jenny, training for the London Marathon. Using her Garmin 205 GPS, she spelled out words while running to raise awareness and fundraising for the event. I think this is amazing and she really put the device to good use! I would love to try and do this one day with my GPS watch. 

Garmin watches are amazing in their capabilities and I think we underestimate what they are actually capable of! Jenny went above and beyond by showing what the watch can do and how to do it. Thanks!

Good luck in the marathon Jenny!

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I miss you, running.

It is Sunday afternoon, 21 degrees and snowing. Today I was supposed to run 8 miles in course of my training for the Athens Marathon on April 5th. In course of this training, I have realized how much I miss it. I miss training for a race and seeing the goal in front of me. For the past two years I have trained for the Athens Marathon, my freshman year I was 11 weeks into it when I broke my foot. That only made me stronger and made me 10 times more cautious last winter when training. I let my life revolve around that marathon last year. It was all I ever wanted and when I completed it, as my first marathon, I felt so alive and I am still beside myself wondering “How on Earth did I ever manage to run 26.2 miles?” 

This year something is different. I have been having trouble getting into the training process and cannot seem to make my long runs last as long as they should. The race is April 5th and 6 miles is the furthest I have run continuously. I know it is not always about physical condition, because I believe I am in fine shape, but it is mental. Running a race that long requires some mental simulation. I need to know and believe I can do it.

Some of my friends are all training for the half-marathon race and I have considered doing this with them instead, but I do not think I would be able to settle for hitting the turn-around point at 6.some miles and not crossing the threshold, so to speak, to continue on to the “real” turn-around point of 13.1 miles. 

Tomorrow is another day and I am going to try to hit 8 miles. It is so hard to do inside though and way below freezing outside. Oh well, no excuses. Train like a champion.

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