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The Runner’s Bond

As I have been training for the Cincinnati marathon, I have come to realize something I have always known and felt: The indescribable bond of runners. I can always tell who the real runners are on the street because no matter what, no matter how hard or fast or slow they are training, no matter if its two miles or twelve, we always recognize one another and ALWAYS give encouragement on the streets with just a simple motion: The Head Nod. Call it what you will but when I am struggling on the roads, one nod from a passing runner is all I need. It tells you to “keep going” or “don’t stop” or even “stay strong, you’re doing great!”

Another fascinating point from training is The Look. The Look is what I like to call the glances, the laughter, the hoots and hollers from non-runners. People who don’t understand running. It’s empowering to be running in negative degree weather and see people staring at me like I am crazy. It gives me a little push to keep going, knowing I have a gift that keeps me running and that I can do what so many wish they could or would never dream of doing.

Running has so many strong points to it that no one outside of the sport ever understands. From an outsiders view, we’re all crazy. I think my boyfriend said it best at my latest half-marathon, “Everyone here is in dry-fit gear… why? What is wrong with just shorts?” Nothing, but to some people, they’ll just never understand.

What things about running make you laugh and appreciate the sport for what it is?


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