Burr it’s cold outside!

Sorry, I had to do it… but it really is freezing out! Just yesterday it was in the high 40s. No wonder everyone is getting sick! In spite of the cold weather, and since I don’t know when Mother Nature is going to stop teasing us with the warm/cold temperatures…I thought I would offer some tips on how to stay warm out there on these below freezing days: 

1. Always dress for the weather. Don’t assume it is warmer than it is and wear less than you should. If you layer clothes, you can always take them off. A good bottom layer is spandex tights and an Under Armor shirt. 

2. As a second layer, put on a pair of shorts and a long sleeve shirt, t-shirt or running shirt that is made of lightweight sweat proof material. This is good because it helps to keep you dry in the cold weather. You will still sweat out there so if you are dry, you won’t get nearly as cold as you would normally. 

3. It is always a good idea to wear a hat or headband, preferably sweat proof, such as the Nike Dry-Fit line. Also, don’t forget to wear gloves! My favorite gloves are the Dry-Fit line and have a pocket on the inside of the palm so I can slip a key in. 

These are the basics of how to dress in the cold weather. It can be brutal out there, especially in Southeast Ohio. It is always important to make sure you are dressed for the weather or you can get frostbite or sick.

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