To purchase the entry or not to purchase the entry…

52 days and counting… yes, I have 52 days to get myself in proper shape to run a marathon. It can be done, I’m sure. However, I don’t know if I am quite ready to hit the “submit” button on the application. The furthest I have run is 8 miles to date and I am supposed to run 14 on Sunday. I know, I know, it is all mental. I can do it. A friend of mine back from freshman year once told me the furthest he had run prior to the Columbus Marathon in 2007 was 12 miles. Just go out, run the 12 and hey…a few weeks later let’s double the milage then add 2. Great idea. Sense the sarcasm there? 

I think after I complete the 14 mile run, IF I complete the 14 mile run, then I will go make the greatest impulse buy of all time- a marathon entry. This will mark marathon #2 for me. Hey- only 28 more to go and 9 years to do it! I am trying to come up with the other marathons I will run this year, I need to do at least 3. Athens,_____ and _____. Either this year or next year I am guaranteed entry to the New York City Marathon-which will be awesome. I am trying to figure out where I want to run the other two, maybe Cleveland, probably Columbus in October…I guess I will just wait and see. Does anyone have a particular marathon they would recommend?

The weather should start to warm up here pretty soon so I can finally get out there and do the runs I need to, hopefully sooner than later. I am 36 days from spring break, which means I am about 30 away from the 20-mile run. I should probably get out there sometime today….

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