helps pass time

This week I was looking through some running websites to find races in the Athens, Ohio area when I stumbled upon I have been to this site before but this time, I was slightly more impressed. There were a ton of interesting articles from St. Patrick day races and parties to how to make a treadmill run more fun (which I think is impossible to do, since I rarely run on one). I like turning to this site when I need a quick bit of inspiration or want to pass time reading random articles on things I probably do not need to know. often sends me an e-mail with random facts or reminders about upcoming races. This is where a lot of online registrations for marathons take place, after all, it is where the one for the Athens Marathon is… the one with the submit button I am hesitant towards hitting… However, I guess I will be visiting this site a lot in the next 50-something days, contemplating hitting submit and finding some random facts along the way about running, keeping in shape during the off season, motivating me to get up and go on a run and of course, having user generated content about races, opinions on a course and favorite races to run. It is a good site to pass time on or to get a quick burst of inspiration and motivation.
Running isn’t the only thing gives insight into. There is information for bikers, soccer players, swimming and more. It has a guide called ‘Find things to do’ and you can find things within a certain mile radius of your hometown with races and events going on. I highly recommend visiting it when you have a chance.

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